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Nurish well delivers integrated hands on nutrition education workshops with a focus on the Canada Food Guide while linking them to the Ontario grade 1-8 health curriculum.  Topics for each grade will be discussed as per the curriculum making it fun and interactive.  These workshops encourage students to develop a sense of health/ food literacy by acquiring skills and knowledge needed to make healthier food choices.  Students will gain a better understanding of what is needed to feel good from the inside out to live their best life.   As a Culinary Nutrition Educator and Veggiecator I want to provide simple bite size healthy guidelines that students will remember and will spark their hunger for health.  


All the materials, supplies along with a food item that the students will help prepare and consume will be provided. Each 90 minute workshop includes an interactive activity, healthy snack and a take away for the teacher.

Everything is nut free, vegetarian and vegan based, just to keep things simple and avoid many sensitivities and intolerances.


Please note that a confirmation of the number of students and the recipe choice will need to be completed 48 hours prior to the workshop.


Prices vary on individual and group rates. Average is $150-200 a workshop with some of the proceeds going to culinary nutrition program starting at a school in Guatemala Brillo de Sol.


*travel fee may be charged extra depending on the location.


Nurish Well aims to provide workshops that create an excitement to learn through hands on culinary experiences, giving youth a place to be creative and have fun.   I come to your location with the ingredients needed to prepare a simple yet delicious dish that will be enjoyed on completion of the dish.   Themed workshops take them around the world discovering more than just food.  Making and taking their own unique meals while learning in various educational areas, using social skills, fine motor skills and working as a team.   

We strive to get children and youth excited about learning through food and being able to continue their journey with the healthy tools they need.   Through team building cooking challenges,  and individual tasks youth will have fun in the kitchen and eat what they have created.   A theme is picked for the workshop and with the healthy ingredients available youth will be able to create healthy versions of sushi, empanadas, tacos, cannoli, enchiladas, pizza, smoothies and muffins.  


Our mission is to give all youth the experience of feeling like a chef for the day, having fun, eating well, and learning skills and tools that they will use.   It is proven that children are more likely to eat the food that they have helped create or at least try with the surprise that they like it.These classes are interactive, fun, and enjoyed by children of all ages.

Workshops start at $150

No refunds will be provided 3 days prior to the workshop

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During a time where the world had to adjust and adapt I turned inward and realized that over time my connection to food has evolved.  It has been my love hate relationship with food that has brought me where I am today.  Digging deep, I realized that I had to change the way that I looked at food and have found ways to "Nurish Well"  with a different mindset.  No extreme diets or fads, listening to what MY body needs and finding ways to receive the nourishment whole foods give me.  

I explore ways to dispel negativity and judgement that often surrounds food, by becoming more mindful.  By learning to embrace foods with a clear and positive mindset, it will provide benefits for digestion, mental health and overall well being. Over indulging, obsessive eating patterns, and digestive issues, lead to negative repercussions of the mind and gut. Research has shown that there is a mind gut connection and the saying "listen to your gut" rings true.  

I am excited to share tips and tools that will inspire self love,  kindness,  and compassion towards a mindful eating practice.  Healing the mind and gut through meditation and healthy food practices is my passion.  It is time to bring an appetite back through awareness and give yourself the gift of nourishment.


One to One Support allows me to work with you on a personal level on your journey with food.  Creating balance in  positive ways so that you can reach your health goals.

Through getting to know you conversations, and support, personal meal plans and focusing on things that are holding you back I will help you reach your goals.  

1 hour consult $100 (get to know you and suggestions to get you started)

1 hour consult with meal plan $125 (get to know you, suggestions and 7 day meal plan to get you started) 

3 month support $500 (virtual consult, bi weekly meal plan and recipes, weekly phone checkins, support via sms when needed)

For more information please contact me:

You can also go to the events page for upcoming mindful eating sessions.  

Hands On Workshops

Please contact me to book one of the following workshops.  I will come to your home/ location and provide these workshops for a small group.