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The Nourish Well Community Project 

Cooking with kids is not just about the ingredients, recipes and cooking. Its about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.” – Guy Fieiri


The Nourish Well Community Project is a not for profit created by Certified Holistic Culinary Nutritionist, Sabrina Cooper of Nurish Well.  The mission is to provide food literacy initiatives with hands on culinary make and take workshops to inspire a hunger for health in local low income communities.  Access to healthy regular meals is something many of us take for granted. We are partnering with local agencies and organizations to bring youth and families who are struggling to make ends meet, interactive culinary nutrition opportunities. 


The kitchen has always been a place where people come together over food creating conversations and a social experience.  Now more than ever it is hard to get families to come together to prepare and share a healthy meal. Creating healthy meals on a minimal budget is often difficult and what we are aiming to do is ease the financial burden by providing healthy food items.  We also educate parents how to shop on their budget and cook healthy meals with the food they buy. This community nutrition project will create team building, social skills and the confidence to make healthier choices in the most economical simple ways.  We strive to give youth as well as parents the tools and inspiration needed to cook healthy meals while feeling  part of a community. 


With the generous support of volunteers, donors and sponsors we are able provide more healthy food experiences accessible to local communities that need it most.  It is important to us that we treat everyone equally and provide them positive and fun food learning experiences.  


Learn how you or your company can sponsor a workshop by contacting

While The Nourish Well Community Project works on getting charity status we are unable to provide a tax receipt but any help would be appreciated.


During this time of uncertainty more than ever many families in our communities are facing economical struggles.  Being able to provide assistance to children through virtual workshops and food drop offs is something I am trying very hard to do.  With your generosity we can continue to work with youth and bring them healthy and nourishing programs and support.  

We are on Instagram @thenourishwellcommunityproject

Please keep updated on what we are up to by reading some of our recent and past posts.


As I begin this new venture I am grateful for sponsors and fundraising opportunities wanting to help with my healthy food initiatives for youth and families in low income communities.  I am always looking for ways to expand, reaching my goals and dreams of taking this project places wherever it can help.  Without the help of many these projects could not be possible and I thank you all for your generosity, kindness and believing in me.  Being able to support youth emotionally and bring fun healthy initiatives is only one part of my dream.  My cup is ready to be filled with what ever will come my way to make all my dreams a reality.  

                                   Sabrina Cooper 

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