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Best Healthy Breakfasts

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

It's the most important meal of the day.

As a Certified Culinary Nutritionist and Instructor I am excited to bring you this amazing at-home, private, hands-on workshop from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

The old adage is true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It replenishes us with nutrients after a long night of fasting, and offers us the energy and focus we need to tackle the day. Unfortunately, many of us slip into the habit of skipping breakfast or grabbing a cup of coffee and a pastry on our way out the door. What if you could wake up to a healthy breakfast with minimal effort, easing the morning rush and fueling yourself and your family for the day ahead?

Join me for a delicious hands on culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll discover how to make a variety of nutritious breakfasts, as well as gain practical experience cooking recipes from start to finish. Bonus: all of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and utterly delicious!

You will walk away from this workshop with:

- Over 25 breakfast ideas, including the best options for batch cooking and make-ahead meal prep.

- 7 tasty healthy breakfast take home recipes, both sweet and savory. You will enjoy the meals that are created in the workshop.

- Knowledge of why breakfast is truly so important and why coffee and muffins aren’t going to cut it.

- Strategies to help you make time for breakfast.

- An understanding of the primary components in a balanced, satisfying and nutritious breakfast.

- Eating a healthy breakfast every day is much easier when you have the best foods, recipes and culinary skills to accompany you on your health journey.


This is a 3 hour hands on workshop with full meal for up to 6 people at your location. Your location must have a sink and a stove top available for use. and.  Location should have table surfaces and able to accommodate your guests.

There is a 2 hour live demonstration style workshop available if interested please email directly for more information -    


$300/6 people

$60 per person

No refunds for cancellations 48 hours prior to workshop


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