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A career path as a dental hygienist treating hundreds of patients,  and the years of my own healing, I realized that something needs to be done to motivate and inform individuals how to get back on track with their health.  What we all think is healthy,  may actually be missing fundamental nutrients that come right from natures bounty that can fuel us in very different ways.  


Today there is so much out there that is processed, filled with pesticides and GMOs, that only touching the tip of the iceberg. One of my favourite quotes from Michael Pollan: “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”  And now more than ever.  


The first steps are getting children excited to learn about food, where it comes from and what the benefits are to eating healthy.  Following the Canada food guide and the nutrition curriculum for Ontario Schools I have created hands on culinary nutrition education workshops to inspire students to focus on their overall well being. There are studies that show when you are hands on preparing your own food, you are most likely going to eat it.   Making fun, simple and delicious food items with children creates conversations, and they are learning while they are cooking. Time and time again doing my workshops with students I see how engaged they are and excited to help make something that they are going to get to try.


 It makes me so happy to give children the opportunity to make healthy choices that will fuel them in positive ways for their future.  


"To inspire and educate individuals through sustainable food choices so that they will always be hungry for health." 

"Providing food literacy supported through a range of healthy hands on culinary education experiences."

Food always brings people together, and the meeting place is always the kitchen.  These workshops not only allow discovery of food groups, experimentation, sensory exploration, learning where foods come from, and learning about good nutrition.   There will also be time to work together, share and explore cultural recipes while learning the responsibilities of working in a kitchen. 

The benefits of healthier eating and making small changes will affect individuals both mentally and physically.  There will be a shift in mood, an increase in energy and the ability to focus better.  It will not happen over night and it takes time to get adjusted to anything new, but teaching the fundamentals of healthy eating early will pave the way for brighter futures.  

"It's time to change the way we look at food and get back to the basics."

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