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Being able to help to provide hands on culinary nutrition workshops, fills me in so many ways.   I am grateful that I am able to create fun ways to learn about healthy foods and eating not only for children, but teachers and parents.  Each experience is unique, filled with laughter, conversations and learning experiences that help me grow.  I am happy that I was able to share my workshops with you and I THANK YOU for your kind words. 


“Sooner than later, eating healthier was something that was always a thought to incorporate in our lives, and as circumstance change it has been a priority and a must. So here we are  Ryan and I have started the change and what a change it has been! We feel healthier and positive that this is a great thing. Thank you Sabrina for your professionalism and personal touch in helping with this journey. We highly recommend Sabrina to anyone wanting to make the change.”  - H. Morales-Newman

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