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Meal Planning and workshops for Smarty Pants Summer Camp

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hands on cooking workshops educating the students on the importance of making healthier food choices.

I collaborated with Paul Raso Executive Director of the Education Involved Advocacy Group the month of July meal planning and serving  healthy lunches as well as snacks, for the students attending Smarty Pants Summer Camp.  

I provided hands on cooking workshops educating the  students  on the importance of making healthier food choices, and that healthy food is not boring but fun, delicious and nutritious.

We were busy in the kitchen preparing cold spring rolls, sushi rolls, pizza and hamburgers from scratch, tacos making their own tortillas, and freshly pressed vegetable juice,  just to name a few.  The snacks ranged from smoothies, greek yogurt with berries, black bean brownies, fruit with homemade nut butter and a variety of fruits.  The students were encouraged to try everything and while we had many hits we did have a couple misses but overall they enjoyed all the fresh wholesome foods.  At the end of the camp the students were able to work as a team, following recipes for granola bites and oatmeal banana muffins that they were able to take home and share with their family. ​

While changes to the way that they think about food won’t happen overnight they gained some knowledge on how things can taste good even when ingredients are changed for healthier options.

The plan is to continue to work with these children throughout the school year providing them more nutritional health and wellness so that they can be advocates for the way that they are being fuelled.  Being able to teach them the nutritional fundamentals to what will keep them satisfied longer, allow them to gain focus and give them the energy to get through the school day is the ultimate goal.

Education Involved Advocacy Group will be collaborating with the TCDSB to bring  Smarty Pants Summer Camp for students with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) to the Jane and Finch Community.  The camp will involve senior students mentoring, and leading grade 6 students through 5 weeks of learning through adventure,creativity, fostering individual strengths and healthy and active living strategies.Art, journaling, hiking, team-building, cooking, and community service are among some of the activities the entire camp will engage in.

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