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Culinary Nutrition Workshop in Guatemala

Having this wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Brillo de Sol in San Gaspar Vivar, Antigua, Guatemala was an emotional experience for me on so many levels. This inclusive school is one that provides education to all children and caters to those with learning behaviours, autism, downs syndrome, physical disabilities, hearing impaired and blind. The beautiful thing about this school is that it focuses on the childs' abilities and encourages that they are capable of doing so much. They teach kindness, humility, empathy, responsibility and so much about equality. Each student touched my heart and left such an impact with their, kind words, bright smiles and warm embraces.

Each morning I helped Miss Claudia and some of the mothers in making breakfast for the students and distributing to the students before classes began. The teachers, siblings and parents of the students will rotate and help in the kitchen preparing meals from whatever food items are donated each week. The students would line up single file with their bowls and cups patiently waiting for their nutritious breakfast. Many travel a far distance and many do not get breakfast at home so they ate everything that was prepared for them without complaints. After they eat they are responsible for washing their own plates and helping those who are unable to wash their own.

Having an understanding of the Spanish language and being able to converse I delivered my smoothie workshop to students with the help of Miss Monica. We had so much fun creating this delicious beverage, especially because smoothies are not consumed like they are here. Many of the students help at home in the kitchen so they were happy to peel, dice, wash and blend. We made a strawberry banana smoothie with spinach, orange juice, avocado and hemp seed. They were surprised that avocado and spinach were added and even more surprised that the smoothie turned green. A little hesitant to try at first but once they did they wanted seconds and thirds. The director of the school said that she was going to start serving smoothies when she saw how much they enjoyed it. A healthier alternative to the soda and sugar juices they are so used to drinking. These students appreciated that they were getting a well balanced beverage that gave them so many vitamins and nutrients.

This school taught me so many things and I really want to give back and help them with the nutrition aspect. This school relies on fundraising and sponsorship, if you would like to donate and help me feed these students a nutritious breakfast and support the nutrition program I would be so grateful. Please contact me and I would love to tell you more.


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