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After School with 360 Kids

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Being able to bring interactive hands on culinary nutrition workshops to kids after school was so much fun. We had a smoothie challenge, a Mexican fiesta and made healthy breakfast oatmeal muffins. With each time we came together we had discussions about the why we need to eat balanced meals with Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein, the nutrients and vitamins we get from the food items we were using, and why sugar has harmful effects.

The kids who participate really enjoyed creating healthy items and enjoying what they created. It wasn't always two thumbs up when they tried what they made but they were willing to give it a go and sometimes they were pleasantly surprised thinking that they weren't going to enjoy it. Giving the kids tasks in the kitchen and allowing them to have fun is so important. Following the guidelines provided for nutrition programs in schools and food literacy, kids are learning while they cook using skills that they will carry on. Creating a recipe, following a recipe, measuring, seeing chemical reactions in foods, sharing, communicating and most of all learning healthy habits, is what these workshops provide.

It wasn't always about cooking we also made piñatas and enjoyed taking turns breaking one filled with healthy treats and surprises. They were surprised that flour and water could harden and make the shell of their piñatas. The smoothie challenge gave them the opportunity to make their own creations, name them and discuss why they chose the ingredients they did from the formula that was provided to them. Oatmeal muffins "I don't like oats" is what I heard at the beginning of the the workshop. After participating in making them and seeing everyone enjoying them out of the oven, the comment changed to "may have a second one" after devouring the first and giving it a try.

Thank you to 360 kids for this opportunity of bringing healthy food initiatives to youth. If you are interested in bringing workshops to your kids and space please contact me


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