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Campbellville Girl Guides Workshop

This dip is delicious! Another satisfied customer!

I had the great enjoyment of putting on a workshop for the Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides in Campbellville. In this workshop we talked about the new Canadian Food Guide and what it all meant, along with learning about a variety of ingredients new to some in attendance. We had a secret ingredient which was black beans that was used to make a delicious black bean dip. What was amazing was that we had a lot more "yays" to this dish than "nays". All the girls tried the dish even if it was just a little taste especially since they all had a part in creating the dish. They all went home with the recipe and samples of hemp seeds to use in their own creative ways.

Teaching youth about nutrition in a way that is fun and in a way that they can participate makes them eager to try new things. Many had never tried a bean on its own and any really enjoyed them. Sometimes individuals have a pre-notion that there will be a dislike to food items, but by actively getting everyone involved in the kitchen sparks an interest. Sure there may be foods that are truly disliked but as long as they give it a try at least two times that's all that matters. Take the time to involve young children in the kitchen giving them tasks that they can handle. Picking cilantro leaves off the stalk, cleaning vegetables, shredding carrots etc. by doing this they will look forward to getting in the kitchen. I had one little girl say it best "these hands were made for cooking". I love that! I had so much fun especially since I had been a Girl Guide not so long ago. (wink)!

Teaching knife skills with child friendly knife

Let's see if your eyes cry with this onion?

Secret ingredient is.... BLACK BEANS! let's learn about them.

Who wants to try a cooked black bean? EVERYONE!!


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