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10 Ways to Stay Hydrated

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Being able to stay hydrated throughout the day is important for the body and mind to function properly. I started being mindful of my fluid intake because there were times I would feel sluggish, tires and my energy was depleted. Also I would feel hungry soon after I just ate. I realized that I was suffering from mild dehydration and my body was giving me the signals. I had to find ways to remind myself to drink water and also create fun ways to make me reach for my pretty water bottle.

Add flavour to your water.

Adding a little excitement and flavour by infusing your water with your favourite fresh fruits, veggie slices and herbs will defintiely help. Some of my favourites are citrus, strawberries, ginger, mint, lavender, and lemon balm. I infuse the water for some time because the longer you do the more the flavours will pop. You can find water bottles that have strainers that you can add fruit to and remove them to clean so it makes it easy to infuse your water all day.

Set phone reminders or Use an App.

Setting reminders every hour or two in your calendar or setting an alarm will keep you from forgetting to take a splash of water. There are also some free apps that you can add to your phone that will send you notifications and keep your water in take one track.

Get a water bottle you love

There are so many choices when it comes to water bottles. I love my stainless steel Yeti Cup as well as my large Kleen Kanteen. There are also water bottles that are large jugs that have measurments on them so you know how much you drank and how much closer you are to reaching your daily goal. Knowing how many ounces are in each water bottle helps so you know how many you have to drink.

Invest in a filter

Depending on where you live the quality of tap water may be an issue, due to safety. If your water is safe but perhaps its the taste or you are just not sure about tap water get a water bottle with a filter. You can also look into water filtration system that can be installed throughout your home or to just one sink.

Drink water at each meal

Make it a habit of drinking a glass of water before and after a meal. It is a good practice to drink a glass of water right when you get up as well since your body has been resting for many hours and needs to wake up. Eating with each meal will also control your food intake and help with elimination later.

Set up family challenges

Create a calendar for your family and get everyone involved with drinking more water. Each person gets a colour or stickers, and when they reach their daily goal mark it on the calendar. Have prizes at the end of the week or month for those who have completed the challenge successfully.

Reusable Straws

Using a straw will help you drink faster, which means you will drink more. A fancy accessory added to a fancy glass or water bottle can make drinking water fun. Silcone or stainless steel are the way to go and find ones that come with a littel brush to clean the inside.

Temperature matters

Reaching for cold water on a cold day may not be your thing, so why not try drinking room temperature or hot water. Some people enjoy water with lots of ice, and others prefer it warm. If it is warm you can always make a nice cup of herbal tea or green tea and get some healthy healing benefits as well.

Add some bubbles

Well not soapy ones but why not drink mineral water or add bubbles to your water with a soda stream machine. Plain water can be flat for many so drinking mineral water may be more your thing. Perhaps you can even try making it half and half.

Rubber bands

If you have a water bottle or glass that you love but seem to lose track of how much you drink. Add some rubber bands around the bottom and push one up for every bottle or glass you have comsumed to reach your goal.


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