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About Sabrina Cooper

After receiving my Culinary Nutrition Education I wanted to get youth into the kitchen through a range of healthy hands on food experiences, creating a positive relationship with food.  This was the beginning of Nurish Well.  I have expanded my learnings and education to all individuals by ways of mindful and intuitive eating approaches that cultivate a mindset away from the diet culture.

I am passionate about providing, simple, delicious feel good foods all while having fun, creating healthy food conversations, encouraging learning interaction, and sparking a hunger for health. 

While doing workshops for youth I realized that there was a need to bring my workshops to youth and families facing food scarcity and started The Nourish Well Community Project.  With the help of local partners I was able to bring fun workshops to youth so they would be inspired to eat well using the foods and resources available to them.  

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Everyone Can Enjoy a Nourishing Meal

The kitchen has always been a place where people come together over food creating conversations and a social experience.  Now more than ever it is hard to get families to come together to prepare and share a healthy meal. Creating healthy meals on a minimal budget is often difficult and what we are aiming to do is ease the financial burden by providing workshops to educate parents and youth  how to shop on their budget and cook healthy meals with what is available to them.


 This community nutrition project will create team building, social skills and the confidence to make healthier choices in the most economical simple ways.  We strive to give youth as well as parents the tools and inspiration needed to cook healthy meals while feeling  part of a community. 

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Reclaim your Energy from
the Inside Out

Food always brings people together, and the meeting place is always the kitchen.  These workshops not only allow discovery of food groups, experimentation, sensory exploration, learning where foods come from, and learning about good nutrition.   There will also be time to work together, share and explore cultural recipes while learning the responsibilities of working in a kitchen. 

The benefits of healthier eating and making small changes will affect individuals both mentally and physically.  There will be a shift in mood, an increase in energy and the ability to focus better.  It will not happen over night and it takes time to get adjusted to anything new, but teaching the fundamentals of healthy eating early will pave the way for brighter futures.  


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